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3x Candle with citrus scent against insects, in a metal pot with a handle

Spread out the surroundings of your home and at the same time protect yourself from an insect in an effective and natural way. The candle with its citrus smell successfully drains mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects. The characteristic flavor gives it the essential oil of citrina, which is a natural extract of citronella grass, more commonly known as lemongrass.

3x Candle with citrus scent against insects, in a metal pot with a handle
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  • 3x Candle with a citronella smell in a metal pot with a handle
  • A metal bucket with a candle of lemon grass
  • Approx. dimensions (diameter x height): 6.5 x 6.5 cm

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Lemon grass is an aromatic plant typical of India, Asia and some tropical African regions. It has typical silly leaves, which can grow up to two meters in height. Today it is found in gardens all over the world due to its exceptional popularity. Due to the pleasant, citrus-like taste, the plant is widely used in Asian cuisine, tea preparation and as a spice. More recent studies have shown many beneficial effects on lemon grass.

In aromatherapy, essential oil of citronella is used as an effective agent for mosquitoes and insects. In low concentrations, in aromatherapeutic mixtures, it helps against fatigue and headache. In the perfume industry, it is used for a fresh, sweet top note.
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