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Therapy of the spine - painless treatment without oil in Ljubljana, 60 min

Everyday problems and burdens of life burden our spine, which is the pillar of our body. There are many causes of problems with the spine, and in most cases the consequences are painful and affect the whole of our body. The treatment of the spine improves the blood flow of the nervous system and the conductivity of nerve impulses. Therapy is performed by a therapist with a diploma.

Therapy of the spine - painless treatment without oil in Ljubljana, 60 min
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  • spinal therapy
  • 60 minutes for painless treatment without oil
  • improve the status of all internal organs,
  • it establishes a balance in the body,
  • improve general health and well-being,
  • removes stress, which is the main cause of various disease conditions,
  • In the long run, it guarantees the quality of life in all areas,
  • Therapy with a diploma is performed by the therapist.

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During therapy, you are lying on your belly with a cotton sash, as no oil is used during the massage.

The therapy is directed to the muscles and connective tissue, thus allowing the use of soft techniques in the treatment of spinal problems and joints. Relaxed and properly functioning muscles enable proper movement of the spine and joints. Consequently, pain is reduced, mobility and quality of life are increased.

Therapy is performed in a pleasant salon every day from 7.00 to 22.30(also on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)!

Studio Kvadrus is well known for its innovation in the foreground. This time, we invited a young expert to join you, who will fully devote to you and beautify the days that you will be able to survive without pain in the circle of people you love.

The backbone is a very complex part of the human body. It supports and carries the entire body and at the same time protects the back of the brain and nervous roots.

We recommend the therapy of the spine to all who:
• recover after surgical procedures, injuries,
• you want life without pain,
• you want to live a full and healthy life,
• you want life without stress,
• you want to raise the level of energy,
• you want to clean up negative energies,
• you want to relax tension in your body,
• you want to raise creativity,
• you want to strengthen the immune system,
• you want to reduce emotional blockages,
• you want to reduce muscle, rheumatic and other pain,
• you want to detoxify your body,
• you want to improve muscle tone,
• you want elastic and tense skin,
• You want a hormonal balance

Priprava na masažo:
Before going to the massage, you are at home at home. If you have longer hair, you are clinging to the massage before. 2 hours before the massage are not recommended for meals, smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages ...
After a massage I recommend a 10-minute shower, drink a liter of water within 2 hours after the massage, rest.
Studio Kvadrus is well known for its innovation in the foreground. This time, we invited a young expert to join you, who will fully devote to you and beautify the days that you will be able to survive without pain in the circle of people you love.
• We work with the heart.
• We are precise and serious.
• We are expertly trained.
• We offer a safe environment.
• Two can be massaged at the same time.
• A masseuse or a masseur can masks you.
• We work every day from 7:00 to 22:30.
• We also work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays all year round.
• We will wait for you in a pleasant place.
• We use only Slovenian oils.
• The store is air-conditioned.
• There is a large parking lot FREE.
• There is a self-service automatic snack machine, hot and cold drinks.
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