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Multi-coloured Christmas Lights (192 LED)

This Christmas, don't miss the multi-coloured Christmas lights (192 LED) to illuminate your home in a merry manner.

Multi-coloured Christmas Lights (192 LED)
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Dimensions (cm): 12,00 x 13,00 x 8,00
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  • 192 colored LED lights on the chain
  • with automatic shutdown timer after 6 hours
  • economical with a long service life
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 8 lighting options (continuous, flashing, fading lights, etc.)
  • protection: IP44 waterproof standard (also power supply)
  • runs on batteries (3x AA) not included
  • chain length: 14.3 m + 0.5 m (connection length)
  • distance between two lights: 7.5 cm
  • packaging dimensions: 13.0 x 12.0 x 8.0 cm
  • package weight: 0.32 kg

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  • Kupon velja za: Multi-coloured Christmas Lights (192 LED)
  • Estimated delivery time is 1-3 working days from the confirmed payment - the coupon does not need to be sent.
  • The package will be provided by Qualitas d.o.o. sent by mail.
  • Postage is NOT included in the price of the product.
  • Postage is charged at the time of purchase: € 3.27.
  • By prior arrangement, personal collection is possible in Kranj, Ljubljanska cesta 24b.
  • In case of personal collection, the coupon can be redeemed within 15 days from the notification of collection.
  • Everyone can buy several coupons, which they can also give away.
Bliža se prednovoletni čas. Snega res še ni, toda narava bo zagotovo poskrbela za pravljično vzdušje. Da bo res tako lahko, s primerno okrasitvijo vašega doma in okolice pripomorete tudi sami. Poskrbite da se bo vaša smrečica bleščala v soju lučk. Namestite lučke okoli vrat in oken, po pročelju hiše in obodu strehe. Osvetlite dvorišče ter vrt in obesite lučke na grmičke, drevesa in ograje.
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