Assistance in the preparation of the diploma and master's thesis, doctoral dissertation

Successfully and quickly complete our studies with our help. Are you at the end of your studies and are you waiting for a graduation thesis? We offer you an overview and technical design of the diploma work, adapted to the requirements of your faculty. Leave the technical design of the diploma to professionals!

Assistance in the preparation of the diploma and master's thesis, doctoral dissertation
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  • examination and technical design of the diploma thesis
  • regardless of the number of pages
  • IMPLEMENTER: Zorica Zaklan, MA in Intercultural Management and Doctor of Economic Sociology, lecturer and mentor, who has many years of experience in writing professional and scientific literature.

After the service is done, you get an account that can be a cost for your business.

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Each faculty has a prescribed way of determining the final task. Before you can send the task to the press, it is necessary to arrange many stylistic features, which is often not as easy as it seems at first glance. The scientific profession requires that even minorities be completed. This can take you a lot of valuable time that you could spend on additional work on the content of the task. So leave the technical design of the diploma to the experts!

What does technical design mean?
  • page numbering,
  • preparation of cover,
  • table of contents and index of illustrative elements,
  • correctly tagging images, graphs, tables,
  • selecting fonts and arranging alignment editing styles of chapters and titles,
  • numbering chapters,
  • shaping the head and the legs,
  • line spacing,
  • alignment of the edges, the correct way of printing, and the space between the text,
  • correctly referencing literature and resources, at the end of the task,
  • arranging literature and sources according to the scientific rules of citations (at the end of the thesis)
  • other technical repairs according to school / faculty guidelines.

Technical design does not include quoting resources between text. We can not cite it for you, so it is advisable to consistently record the sources from which you summarize the data during the writing of the final work. However, we can help you with the correct record of resources and literature. Instead, let's check if quoting within the text matches the list of literature and resources, arrange resources in the list of literature, according to your department's policy, and arrange the list in alphabetical order.

The future belongs to the educated! So open the door to knowledge and new opportunities.

Experts with their experience help you to proofread and translate the summary into a foreign language, and thus successfully complete your studies.

We offer you additional options at affordable prices:
  • Quality, impeccable proofreading of all types of text, only 1.15 € / author's page (one author's page usually contains 1500 characters without spaces).
  • Translation of the summary into English or German 8,00 € / author's page.
  • Preparation of Power Point presentations and exercises for speaking (price by arrangement).


When I wrote my diploma thesis, I did not know how to proceed to the defense. I was afraid if it would be fine and how to proceed. For almost half a year, I was in psychological and time constraints. A schoolmate who successfully completed her studies suggested me go. Zorico Zaklan. In this company, I found everything in one place: design, proofreading, translation of the summary and preparation of Power Point presentations. Then I graduated quickly and successfully and enrolled in the master's degree. Bojan

Once again, I sincerely thank you for all the knowledge, experience and guidance that I gave to completing my diploma, since all of this surpassed my expectations. I successfully graduated with your proofreading and format corrections. I would be happy to come back to you once again, because your energy and visions are inspiring and motivating me to search for the unexplored yet.
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Zorica Zaklan s.p.
Business consulting and translation
Ljubljanska cesta 103,
1230 Domžale
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