Translate 1 translation pages from Slovenian into English, Croatian or Serbian or vice versa

Trust your text professional translator English, Croatian or Serbian! - 70% per translation of 1 translation page (1,500 characters without spaces) of the general text from the Slovene language in English, Croatian or Serbian, or vice versa!

Translate 1 translation pages from Slovenian into English, Croatian or Serbian or vice versa
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  • translation of 1 translation page (1,500 characters without spaces) of the general text
  • from Slovene to English, Croatian or Serbian, or vice versa
  • IMPLEMENTER: Zorica Zaklan, MA in Intercultural Management and Doctor of Economic Sociology, translator, lecturer and mentor, who has many years of experience in translating and proofreading professional and scientific literature

After the service is completed, you get an account that you can claim as a cost for your business.

Terms of use of the coupon

  • The coupon applies to "Translate 1 translation site from the Slovene language into English, Croatian or Serbian, or vice versa".
  • For translation, send the material to the e-mail address:, together with the coupon code and the note "Purchased at".
  • Contact the telephone number 041 / 662-371 (Zorica Zaklan).
  • The coupon code, after signing up, get in My coupons.
  • The deadline for using the coupons: until 30 April 2018
  • Everyone can buy more coupons, which he can also give.
  • We offer quality and favorable translation and proofreading of all types of texts, including professional (technical, medical, scientific articles), graduate thesis, master's thesis, doctoral dissertations, etc.
  • We do a precise translation and proofreading of all types of text.
  • We always work in the agreed time.
  • For translation and proofreading we can issue a certificate of professional translation and text review.

Additional options:
  • Favorable proofreading - the price of € 1.15 per author's page (one author's page usually contains 1500 characters without spaces).
  • Technical design of text, such as diploma, master's thesis, preparation of books for the press, etc.
  • Editing resources (according to APA standard).
  • Possibility of simultaneous translation.


I am a medical profession and have published several scientific articles and had some lectures in a foreign language (English, Croatian, Serbian). Ms. Zorica always translated and edited them precisely and in good time. Jože P. Ms. Zorica quickly and accurately translated the summary of my master's thesis into English and her proofreading. They were pleased at the faculty, so did I. Barbara N.

In the media house, we needed a good translation from Slovene to Croatian for Agrokor. Mrs. Zaklan perfectly translated it in one day. Since then, she has always been invited to participate. Marko B.
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Coupon provider

Zorica Zaklan s.p.
Business consulting and translation
Ljubljanska cesta 103,
1230 Domžale
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