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Anti-theft backpack with USB input and space for the tablet and laptop

A comfortable and practical backpack with USB input and a space for the tablet and laptop is designed in city style and is also suitable for business use. Thanks to a special design, it is safe from scratching. It's great for traveling by train, underground, bus, etc.

Anti-theft backpack with USB input and space for the tablet and laptop
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  • Anti-theft backpack with USB input and space for the tablet and laptop
  • : Ergonomic
  • Composition: Nylon 1200D
  • Features:
    • Neprepusten
    • Resistant to cuts and scratches
  • Opening: 180º
  • Contains:
    • Žepi
    • Notebook compartment (up to 15 ")
    • Tablet compartment (up to 10 ")
  • : USB
  • Includes: Cable
  • Approximate dimensions: 30 x 44 x 16 cm

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  • The coupon applies to: An anti-theft backpack with a USB port and a space for the tablet and laptop.
  • The scheduled delivery time is 4-10 days from the confirmed payment - no coupon is required to be sent.
  • The package will be provided by Qualitas d.o.o. sent by post.
  • Postage is NOT included in the price of the product.
  • Postage is charged at the time of purchase: € 2.97.
  • By prior arrangement, a personal pick-up can be made in Kranj, Ljubljanska cesta 24b.
  • In the case of a personal takeover, the coupon is redeemable for 15 days after the received notice for the takeover.
  • Everyone can buy more coupons, which he can also give.
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