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Safety handle for bathroom GRIP +

The perfect accessory to avoid the risk of falling due to slipping in the bathroom. It is easy to attach it to the bathroom wall or bath, and the movement around the room becomes more secure and independent. Ideal for older people, children, disabled people, people with reduced mobility, etc.

Safety handle for bathroom GRIP +
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  • Safety handle for bathroom GRIP +
  • Rubber suckers and central part of the handle
  • Structure made of plastic, resistant to corrosion (coated and polished)
  • Easy installation by sucking out the air from the suction cup
  • Suitable for flat, smooth and non-porous surfaces (such as tiles)
  • Use in a shower, bath tub, on a wall or any place where it is needed
  • Dimensions: 29 x 9 x 11 cm

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The grip does not require any special installation and can be fitted with suction cups. Simply install them on a flat and clean surface that is not porous and activate the built-in closures. This grip is suitable for showers, bath tubs, in short everywhere you need it.
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Safety handle for bathroom GRIP +
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