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Bamboo Folding Side Table Lapwood InnovaGoods

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Bamboo Folding Side Table Lapwood InnovaGoods
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Dimensions (cm): 34,70 x 4,40 x 54,60
Weight: 3,10kg

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I get it with the coupon

Zložljiva stranska miza za laptop iz bambusa Lapwood InnovaGoods

  • Vsestranska bambusova mizica, ki jo je enostavno zložiti in shraniti in je zelo uporabna za branje, pisanje, prehranjevanje ali delo s prenosnikom na kavču, postelji, preprogi itd.
  • Material: Bamboo
  • Innovative and functional design
  • Zložljive in iztegljive noge
  • Predalniki in podstavki
  • Varnostno stojalo za naprave
  • Namizna plošča, razdeljena na dva dela:
    • Nagib levega dela za tablični računalnik, prenosnik itd.
    • Fiksni desni del za miško, steklo itd.
  • Inclination: 5 Pozicije
  • Nastavljiva višina pribl.: 21-27 cm
  • Lahek za transport in shranjevanje: Zavzema malo prostora
  • Includes: Instruction manual
  • Približne mere: 53,5 x 21-27 x 34 cm
  • Pribl. Mere zložen: 53,5 x 4,5 x 34 cm

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  • Postage is NOT included in the price of the product.
  • Postage is charged at the time of purchase: € 4.27.
  • By prior arrangement, personal collection is possible in Kranj, Ljubljanska cesta 24b.
  • In case of personal collection, the coupon can be redeemed within 15 days from the notification of collection.
  • Everyone can buy several coupons, which they can also give away.
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