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Izobraževanje, osebna rast

Education, personal growth

Ponudba različnih tečajev tujih jezikov, smučanja in drsanja, hitrega branja in uspešnega učenja, seans za osebno rast ter tečajev za voditelje čolnov in še mnogo več po izjemno ugodnih cenah.

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Tridnevni tečaj za voditelja čolna, NAJVEČ ZA VAŠ DENAR!
Dodaj med priljubljene

Education, personal growth

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The price includes a 16-hour boatmaster course led by a lecturer who teaches more than 1,000 candidates annually, an offshore boatmaster's manual (book), a nautical chart and a knot line (for permanent possession)! The courses are held in Ljubljana, Celje, Kranj and Novi Mesto.

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